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Fruity Rudy


Duration: 60 seconds

Product: Fruit Candy

Audience: North America, Europe


Rudy is a boy of about ten years old. He is the light and love of everyone. When he was brought into the world it went ‘kablooey’. Rudy is a little chubby but has a smile that ignites a room and a presence that makes grown men weep with joy. He brings happiness, laughter, dancing and singing wherever he goes and he sure does get around. Rudy actually is summoned like a goofy angel to those events, historic or everyday, where he is needed. His enlightening presence is so contagious that any event turns into a celebration and the gloomiest of character’s spirits are ignited. Rudy is cute, cuddly and only really wants one thing in return for sharing his gift, to have people allow him to find a word that conveys the moment best...and also rhymes and sounds similar to his name, "Rudy". That's not a lot to ask for. All Rudy's outfits are custom-made and cuter, shinier versions of what the animated version would look like if it was brought into the real world.

At the conclusion of every scene, save the last, there is a celebration with fireworks, glitter, lights, music and plenty of movement.

EXT. DAY. NFL FOOTBALL STADIUM Two NFL teams are battling it out. The home crowd’s team is trailing by two points. Two commentators are assessing the situation from the commentary box.

Commentator 1 Well the Reds are 4 down in the last quarter with 10 seconds on the clock, 40 yards to the touch line and both their star receivers are out.

Commentator 2

It’s gonna take nothing less than a miracle Stan.

The stands are filled with hordes of muted nervous fans. The quarterback places his hands on the ball. Just as he’s about to do the snap count, a fan gets up and points to the field.

Fan Rudyyyyy!

Rudy appears wearing team colors with a matching cape, a mask and sneakers that lights up when he runs. The quarterback comes up and hands Rudy the ball who takes it in his stride and calmly starts running towards the touch down zone. The quarterback is ecstatic and relieved and shouts after him.



The other team are infatuated with Rudy as well and everyone helps carry him and lets him crowd surf until he’s over the touchdown line. The cheerleaders and the band are on the field all celebrating his winning touchdown. He's doing a touchdown celebration dance and several people join him. EXT. NIGHT. WIDE OPEN SPACE ON DESERTED LANDSCAPE The human race has finally made contact with a race form outer space. A makeshift reception area has been erected in a wide open space with a military presence and curious members of the public visible everywhere.

A contingent of dignitaries are looking up as the spaceship touches down. The hatch opens and slimy blob-like aliens make their way down a ramp. They’re awkward looking but not frightening. There is major tension as a senior delegate extends his hands to one of the aliens. The alien flinches and all probability of a peaceful encounter seems very unlikely. Senior delegate We graciously welcome you to the planet…um…our planet. The earth. Earth. Slime keeps dripping from the alien as he turns towards one of his companions to exchange some thoughts. As he turns back Rudy suddenly pushes through the official delegates. He’s wearing a glimmering silver space suit en looks quizzically at the aliens. He walks right up to their leader. He looks up and at the same time takes a hand full of slime from the alien's body. He turns around to the human contingent and holds it up for all to see.



Both parties burst out into laughter. The spaceship's lights starts to flicker, broadcasting mind blowing music as its hydraulics bounces it up and down, releasing puffs of smoke. Rudy is on the red carpet doing a group dance with a bunch of younger slimy aliens they all seem to know. Everyone has formed a circle around them and are cheering them on. EXT.DAY. PLAYGROUND On the playground three tough looking boys have cornered a nerdy looking red headed girl, holding her on either side by her braids. She’s clutching her lunch to her chest. The biggest boy is laughing over his shoulder towards one of his friends and then abruptly changes his focus to the little nerdy red headed girl. Big boy I had my lunch, but I’m still hungry. Guess I’m gonna have to take yours. Rudy slides in from the side of the the frame and the bad boys and the girl cough and choke from the smoke his skidding in on the concrete produced. Rudy is wearing an adorable cop outfit with aviators that are slightly too big for him with a helmet tucked underneath his arm. He forces a smile on his face and exclaims.

Rudy Bullyyyyy

In a quick succession of shots he harnesses the three bullies together. We see clips and straps tightening and the boys are hoisted up into the air by a crane. The nerdy little girl steps up to Rudy.

Nerdy little girl You’re the best

Rudy Goodyyyyy A glitter bomb is launched and hits the three suspended bullies. It explodes on them and rains glitter down on the crowd of children who has gathered. Music plays and everyone is getting down to the music, celebrating the triumph over the bullies. Rudy found a long white feather and is tickling the three boys’ feet. He incorporates the tickling into his dancing and he is in his element.

INT. DAY. TUSCAN VILLA The setting is a beautiful Tuscan villa. We see an older well groomed man in a 1950’s styled Italian suit turning around to address a person whom we only see from the back. He’s wearing a hat and also a well tailored suit. The Italian man is overcome by passion and conviction. Italian man A guy couldn’t wish for a better partner. Yet, here I am, you by my side. And kid, I got nothing to for you. The character the Italian man addressed suddenly turns around and it’s Rudy. He’s dressed like a Don with a soft silk scarf around his neck and a panama hat. His eyes are filled with tears and he utters. Rudy Movieeeeeee! The fifties era camera crew is revealed. The director falls down on his knees next to Rudy and kisses his hands. The space is suddenly filled with extras and crew who ramble about giving all their attention to Rudy. INT. DAY/NIGHT. UNIVERSITY LECTURING AUDITORIUM Rudy is sitting on a chair at the front on a stage in a huge auditorium. He is relaxed and composed. The auditorium is filled with scientists and reporters. A small team of scientists walk up to Rudy. The one is carrying a tray that has five different colored fruit candies on it. He offers Rudy the candy. Rudy’s eyes light up as he picks one up, puts it in his mouth and starts chewing. The scientist is quite nervous as he addresses Rudy. Scientist We think you will find that it really does taste like it’s filled with fruit. Rudy looks up disappointingly at the scientist and stops chewing. He's slightly taken aback. The scientist looks a bit confused searching for the right words. He's finally able to gather his thoughts and replies with a slight sense of uncertainty. Scientist It’s…fruity? Rudy face lights up and he yells out. Rudy Fruityyyyyyyy! The auditorium jumps up like one person and people lose all sense of social decorum. The marching band and some football players stream into the auditorium. The nerdy girl and other school kids along with the fifties Italian movie crew enter. Reporters from countries around the world turn to their cameras and start the broadcast that Rudy has confirmed that the candy is indeed, very very fruityyyyy. Rudy sits calmly among the celebration and revelry and savors every chew he gives. He closes his eyes. He's finally attained peace.

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