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Every business has a story


Yours has an incredible one

You couldn’t be more proud of it

JBdV Digital Works and Copywriting

can help you bring yours to life


Local. Professional.


JBdV is a digital media asset and copywriting one-stop-shop that provides full or partial services in Vancouver, B.C., customized to your needs.

  • Promotional Videos

  • Profile and Product Photography

  • Web and Print Copy

  • Radio Adverts

  • Online Adverts and Social Media Promotions

Photography Products/Services

Photographic assets are the most strategic tool you have at your disposal to manifest that incredibly important first impressions with customers

Photography Profile Portraits

You and your employees are the face of your brand. An industry and job oriented public profile photograph can be optimized for search engines.

Marketing and

Informational Video

People are 90% more likely to click on a video than any other type of promotional content.

Client confidence rises by up to 50% if they recognize authentic business narratives.

Whether you're looking for a video that you can embed in your website's media gallery or a short 15-second product or services promotion clip you want to share on Instagram, we've got you covered.


General News

Promotional Events

From “The food event of the century,” to

“An owner that befriends his customers,” your business’s story is constantly evolving.

Whether it is an advertising blurb in the Georgian Straight, a one-time product promotion or the mission statement on your landing page, JBdV will pen it for you.

Feature article

The feature story is the Magnum Opus of business biographies.

Where your business started, how your passion and hard work made it develop and expand and everything it took to grow your business into what it is today.


Audio Advertisement

Although conventional radio isn’t what it used to be, there are more than enough industry-specific podcasts around who are constantly looking for advertisers. Let’s create you one and get your business on the streaming waves.

Perhaps you feel that you have got what it takes to create your own podcast?

Extraordinary knowledge of your industry?

A weekly summary of how your projects are developing?

Or, you're just full of personality and want to share what you experience in your everyday endeavors.

It's time to get you in front of a microphone and start your very own podcast.

Online Advertising


For as little as $50, you can grow your social media page with up to a 100 users.

Create platform specific campaigns, targeting those customers most likely to purchase your product or use your service.


It can be as general or specific as you want, always taking users to the promotion or service page the advert was created for.


Your online presence isn't what it should be. You know you can do better, but just don't know where to start.


Clients want to understand you. They want to trust you.


You want to share your wealth of expertise and communicate your brand with each individual on an emotional level.


JBdV takes pride in helping businesses craft unique stories with its range of digital media products for multiple online platforms.


    Whether it's a promotional video or email campaign,

         JBdV has got a tailor-made solution for you.  

Never thought

about it?

With more than 10 years’ experience in lifestyle broadcasting and brand narrative creation, JBdV’s bespoke product range will tailor services to your needs. 

A personalized package allows you to share your story with customers and keep them on top of events and promotions with style and purpose.

Why choose 


Marketing and

Informational Video

One to three-minute business marketing video includes:

  • Informational interviews, research, shooting script, film production, editing and delivery

  • Deliverable as Narrative video, VO video and TOV (Text Over Video)

  • Short product/services promotional clips for Social Media Channels and Campaigns.

Example Videos

Marketing and informational vieo





Personal profile photographs can be taken in a studio or in your working environment.

  • Includes meta-data content for SEO

  • Size and dimension optimized for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Product/Services photographs with the option of copy overlay which includes: description, price, features etc.

  • Optimized for general web and social media

  • Printable for signage (Brochure to Billboard)

  • Standard Amazon and ebay pure white background scaled product shots

Photography Portraits and Product
Copywriting JBdV

General News or

Promotional Event Print Story

  • Soft promotional or informational story for online and print media distribution

  • Includes topic and subject specific photographs with taglines

Story Examples

Mini Maker


It’s called the greatest show-and-tell on earth and Windsor launched its own version of the....



Walkerville Brewery is spicing up the holidays with two sentimental favorites

beer and coffee...

Feature story

  • Comprehensive informational interview sessions with business associates, clients and employees.

  • Accompanied by photographic series to aid in narrative development.

  • Your choice to develop the story into a mini-documentary that tells your business's story

Story Example

The emergence of


The bank did it again. Raised their costs. Transactions take ages and cross-border transfers are riddled with regulations and hidden costs. Isn’t there a better way?...

Audio and Online Promos



Option of 5/15/30/45sec radio stinger/advert

  • Consulted preparation and delivery of broadcast script

  • Choice of male or female VO artist

  • Recorded, edited and delivered according to broadcast standards

Good Company Larger

Radio Spot

Good Company Lager - VO artist - JBdV
00:00 / 00:00



Google and Facebook Ads| Instagram and Twitter promotions

Online campaign designed specifically for your business with measurable ROI.


One month package includes:

  • Promoted campaign leading back to sales and promotional pages

  • Three scheduled posts/week with photographs and copy

  • Weekly analytics reports

  • Online promotional strategy hand-over

  • JBdV can also assist you in creating social profiles and populating them with digital assets



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New Westminster, BC, V3M 0B6

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