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Lifestyle television
Television lifestyle

Over 700 inserts produced as Director and Director of Photography for the daily morning TV show, Expresso. Traveling far and wide, under strenuous conditions, to produce relentlessly on a daily basis: five-minute stories for a breakfast-hour audience.

The Handyman

Simple to follow DIY craft projects sponsored by Builder's Warehouse.

In the Kitchen

Short and easy to follow food preparation videos sponsored by Vital Health.


Coverage of every type of event imaginable from theatrical productions to the most prestigious award ceremonies.


Producing intimate and insightful sportsmen profiles with some of the world's most prominent athletes. Also covered sporting events that focused on building communities, advocating healthy living and family participation. 

One Young World

I covered the One Young World summit in Ireland and Bangkok. This event showcases some of the most brilliant young minds across the world. The mentors include some of the most prolific individuals operating in our contemporary milieu. The stories we produced focussed on the event itself as well as the cities they were held in as tourist destinations. 


Travelling to cover rare events as well as visiting tourist destinations that are further off the beaten track posed many challenges but were always very rewarding. 


Our youth focussed inserts were central to giving pace to our show and showcasing what our youth are doing, listening to and thinking about. The music request insert 'AMPD' is a strutting example of a fun filled co-produced insert created alongside its presenter, Carl Waistie. 


This variety of editorial inserts, showcase everyday South Africans, and the diversity of its community and its living spaces.


Introducing viewers to the vast amounts of vocations people follow was central in upbuilding, developing and inspiring the nation as a whole. Our cental aim was to showcase those unique abilities people utilize in their chosen occupations.


South Africa is synonymous with creative living. The fashion and decor inserts are integral parts of our lifestyle program.

Advertisements and promotions

Advertisements and promotions

Creative ideas that sell, 'get noticed': our 'click through' email campaign for the Serengeti Golf and Wildlife Estate, got noticed. Viewers were awarded 'Golden Tickets' to the Festival of Good Living. To round off the campaign, we created a short documentary called 'Come Home' to complement the marketing drive for the Estate's property development.

Television series

Television Series
Almost Legends

Almost legends was a seven part web series. It tells the story of a number of off-beat South African characters as they prepare for the 2010 World Cup Soccer. It was was the first show entirely produced by Firestorm Productions in Cape Town. For this production as well as "Die Vegas Show" and "Kyk'nBiekie" the company managed all publicity along with comprehensive social media campaigns.

Die Vegas Show

Although starting as a passion project the show soon developed into a full fledged tv-series. As it gathered momentum the show managed to find that perfect balance between ungarnered youthful idiocy and perfectly timed dry mature humour. Die Vegas Show is an Afrikaans Rock 'n Roll documentary series which follows the adventures of the social butterfy, Rufio Vegas around South Africa as he meets up with some of the best known musical talent South Africa has to offer. 

Kyk 'n Biekie

On the other side of the young alternative music spectrum, South Africa also has an enormous and very lucrative adult Afrikaans music industry. Two such artists decided to collaborate and have this journey documented. They wrote an album that was truly a cut above their peers. I was lucky enough to co-produce, direct and edit a thirteen part series on this often difficult and emotional journey, tracking them all the way back to their home country, Namibia.   

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