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The relevance of human trafficking was especially notable in the run-up to the 2010 Soccer World Cup. Our encounters with a human trafficker revealed a much greater depth of problem, which my business partner and I turned into a movie entitled "TrAfica".


The Human Traffic campaign followed: I produced all above and below the line campaigns. It resulted in the production of a community-oriented instruction manual, as well as training and management manuals.


From this point on, my creative endeavours shifted consciously towards social responsibility awareness. The Hangberg Community Trust project below, is a case in point. 


"You know when you're at a wedding and the DJ is playing all your favorite tunes, but you're not actually at a wedding? That's the wedding DJ's dude". The artist MJ Lourens followed Donald and Charles from this well know DJ outfit around for quite a number of years with his little home video camera and a home made steady cam consisting of a 1kg weight and his father's walker handle. I was (un-) lucky enough to work through over 40 hours of footage for the editing process. 

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