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As content creator for a cloud-based SaaS Visitor Management System provider, the central concentration fell on producing the fundamental knowledge base of this hatchling tech service to its largely undefined platform stakeholders. I produced all content below - edited by M. Osipova.

Outlook Integration
Parking Management

Product Videos

An introduction to using the Outlook Add-On integration to send customized invites, set notifications and reminders and increase the host and visitor experience.

Vision summary - enterprise organizations are able to categorize their entire parking inventory and pre-assign stalls increasing capacity planning and inventory management.




F&B manufacturing.jpg

Food and beverage manufacturing companies are expanding their facilities to meet growing demands for sustainable and innovative products. That growth has to happen within a highly regulated environment, making expansion complex.


Stopping the big bad wolf.jpg

Are we allowing the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing into our business and data because of disjointed and aging security tools and processes? If prevention is better than cure, then building a moat around every campus, using typewriters and enlisting the services of armed stagecoaches to communicate with the outside world would be the safest option for managing visitors. But the sanest?




Rather than asking what is the impact of the intangible benefits, what should rather be asked is, what would it cost not having one? What is the cost of maintaining multiple disparate systems compared to having it all automated from one central cloud-based visitor management system?




To help your company make informed decisions when evaluating Visitor Management platforms and narrowing down the list of must-have features, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the most commonly used Visitor Management terms.


Maria Interview.jpg

Maria Osipova is the second of three new vice presidents we’re adding to our leadership roster. She will be leading the marketing department during a period of dynamic growth with our focus on being the leading provider of enterprise level visitor management systems. Maria has the task of capitalizing on our current momentum as we expand our global footprint.

Video Marketing

How much would you save if you prepared the exact same cafeteria bought sandwich at home? Bernard de Vaal investigates.

Business profile

Rogues Gallery Comics is right across from Windsor International Transit terminal. The store is a double story fantasy haven with every known superhero universe bulging from it's treasure troves.

Character profile

Michael John aka 'the wizard' is a Windsor based creative driven by a common purpose of social up-liftment through individual artistic expression.


A satirical commercial for Idaho Potatoes. Produced by Bernard de Vaal and Todd Shearon

The power of might - by Bernard de Vaal
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Chris Trudel Conklin has two dogs, two kids, a husband and an average home in Windsor, Ont. Her and her husband see things that view others will ever experience. Radio story by Bernard de Vaal.

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