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I got this one dad

We all love our parents. Well, I presume we all do. Throughout our lives they function as the signposts that directs so much of our choices and preferences. Yet, there comes a time when you beat the old man for the first time in an arm wrestling match or you just have a plan that is notably superior to his. We don't however always realize that they had been waiting for that moment all their lives.


Running Time: 60 Seconds

Audience: North American

Brand: Motor Vehicle Brand


The father is more of a blue collared worker than white. He works hard and has more than earned everything he owns and has achieved. The son is very similar to his father and has a glint of unwavering determination in his eyes. He is a real chip off the old block.

The look and feel is nostalgic with the warmth and sincerity of a timeless classical coming of age narrative.

I got this one dad


A father is holding his newborn son in the hospital. He is still wearing scrubs.

FATHER School. You need to get smart

INT. NIGHT. HOSPITAL The baby kind of smiles and nods. It's the first time we see the glint of determination.

INT AND EXT. DAY AND NIGHT. VARIOUS AREAS Quick succession of shots as time and the boy's age lapses. The boy is learning to read. Gets knocked around in the hallways of school. Sits in his dads arms in front of a fireplace. Manages to calm a wild horse in snowy weather. Graduates from junior high. At the ceremony the boy walks up to his dad.


Now what?


More school, and sports. You need to get strong

INT AND EXT. DAY AND NIGHT. VARIOUS LOCATIONS The boy tries a range of sports. He gets pinned down in a wrestling match. He tries to slam dunk a ball but a tall player hits the ball right out of his hands. He's studying next to a baseball field. The ball is struck his way. He catches it in the air without a glove and throws it all the way to home plate striking out the other batter. He joins the team. He hits a home run and immediately runs up to the fence and shouts to his dad.


Now what?


Run, run boy run…


Dad walks with his arm around his son's shoulders on the baseball field after the game. He's breaking the news of joining the boy having to join the army with solemn sincerity.


....and army. You need to pay your dues…

EXT. DAY. MID EASTERN TERRAIN The boy is on patrol. A bomb explodes near him and he takes cover. He looks scared at first but then musters the courage to get up with the help of one of his fellow soldiers. He runs past another soldier who has taken cover and pulls him up.


The boy returns home from the military still in his army uniform. In the background we see quite an old version of the vehicle he will finally have which belongs to his father. He looks earnestly at his father as if this time he should perhaps not have listened to him. He drops his bag and hugs his dad who is close to tears.

The son struggles to find the words but then falls back on those words his dad has come to expect from him.


Now what?


College. A man needs to be employable.


The boy is in a library reaching for an old looking book, standing on a ladder on the tip of his toes. With great effort he only just reaches the tip of the book. The book falls down and morphs into his Oxford cap coming down amongst hundreds of other caps.

EXT. DAY. BACKYARD BARBECUE The boy is at his graduation party in their backyard. In the driveway, in the background, we the old version of the vehicle he will finally have again. He looks a bit fed up but still keeping his sense of humility. His dad comes up behind him and taps him on the one shoulder appearing at the other. His son asks him a question as if he knows he's going to be asked to do another chore.


Now what?


Job. Think I’m gonna keep paying for everything?

INT & EXT. DAY & NIGHT. SEVERAL LOCATIONS. The boy returns to his apartment late at night. He throws down his briefcase and a bunch of files and the phone rings. It’s his dad.


You know what now? Get a girl, you’re miserable

INT. DAY. OFFICE The boy looks across his office. A cute girl smiles at him. She pretends to shoot him with a rubber band. She accidentally really hits him and he bundles over in pain. She runs up to him to apologize. He moves his one hand away from his eye and holds something in front of him that looks like a bloody red eye. She gets a huge fright but he bounces it on the floor. She realizes it's a little bouncy ball.


It’s raining and they're both soaked and dancing. He grabs her and kisses her socks off. She pulls back and suddenly pretends to have hurt her mouth. She reveals the little red ball between her teeth. The same ball he pretended was his eye when they first met.


The couple leave the church and run up to his dad's old car, conventionally decorated. They both climb in at the one door and out the other door. The guests go from being jubilant to being a bit confused and shocked. The boy's dad gives a look of suspicion underpinned with earnest insight into what has transpired.

EXT. DAY. BACKYARD. The garden is decorated for the wedding feast. The boy is standing with a couple of friends laughing. They leave as soon has his dad shows up. His dad looks at him questioningly, waiting for an explanation for what happened at church. The boy answers as if he doesn't know a thing about what happened. As always his dad's advice is pragmatic and helpful.


What now dad?


Transport you need better....mmm....good transport

EXT. DAY. BACKYARD. The boy takes out a set of keys and smiles wittingly.


They’re both suddenly sitting in the boy's new Ford Ranger. The dad is impressed by the interior and all the features, but is still pessimistic. For all the questions the dad asks, the car performs the tasks as if they happen at exactly the moment he questions the functionality. The questions are interspersed with incredible driving shots.


Power stearing..pbs breaks…navigation…temperature control

INT. DAY. INSIDE FORD RANGER Dad kind of runs of out of things to ask. The car has stopped and he realizes that he has done a good job of raising his son. He does however sound less confident than before. He is losing the arm wrestling match but also allowing his son to beat him. His son needs to comfort him.


What now?


Thank you dad. I’ve got this one.

The Ranger drives off and the camera cranes up to a pedestrian sign showing a stick figure holding the hand of a younger stick figure crossing a street.

"We've got a path to lead"

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