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Race relations are tricky. Intimately so. As a white guy, and I hate this word, but a privileged one at that, I feel that as this point in our civilisation we have to literally try whatever we can to improve these relations and address ongoing commonly accepted misconceptions and raging stereotypes that threaten this already delicate imbalance. Here's a short 60 second PSA that I hope can play a small part in igniting dialogue at least.

60 sec TVC

Brand: Human rights

Market: International

Things aren't what they used to be


A dimly lit kitchen with a door at the back entering into the kitchen with a counter table in the center. To the right is a refrigerator.

A white guy (Bruce) with a black hoody on appears from the back door and enters the kitchen. He pulls the hoody down and listens attentively as if he might have heard someone in the adjacent room. He continues walking hesitantly closer to the kitchen counter nudging forward to peer around the corner.

He appears satisfied that he is alone. A bit more casual now he opens a cupboard or two, picking up mainly food items investigating them with interest. At times he pushes items away in the cupboards as if looking for something specific.

His attention is drawn to the refrigerator to which he casually strolls. He opens it up. Bruce's face lights up as he notices a sandwich sitting there. He takes the sandwich out along with a jar of Mayonnaise and some mustard which he tucks under his arm. He kick-closes the refrigerator door and moves back to the kitchen counter where he starts to spread the mayo over the sandwich. He looks around every then and again as he expertly applies the condiments.

He slices the sandwich in half with quite a large silver knife that almost miraculously appears from below the kitchen counter. He picks up one half of the sandwich and languidly strolls a couple of steps towards another row of cupboards.

Here Bruce notices a snow globe and picks it up. He shakes it and looks on amused as the snow flutters down on the miniature cityscape. He gives a little chuckle.

The visible frame opens to reveal a Black Guy (Mdu) holding a heavy kitchen appliance over Bruce's head. Mdu brings it down with immaculate force and Bruce falls to the ground. We hear the sound of an iron bar hitting the floor as Bruce falls down.

Mdu heaves heavily with his eyes glowing with rage. He cautiously places the kitchen appliance back on the kitchen counter and looks around with shock and astonishment. A couple of tense moments pass when his phone suddenly rings. He answers it.


Dude, dude shut up. You will not believe what just happened.

Some guy broke into my house. No he was in my kitchen.

Hey, he ate into my sandwich. Right into it.


As Mdu is talking we see Bruce splayed out across the floor with a crow bar lying in front of him. Standing next to him we see Mdu's fluffy slippers and Snoopy pajama pants.

INT. KITCHEN. NIGHT. Out of Focus product shot.


Things just aren't what they used to be. Keep in step with the times.

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