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Mission statement

I consider myself a highly creative and motivated individual. I draw inspiration from complex emotional processes when ordinary individuals extend their abilities beyond the mundane scope of everyday expectations. I believe that my greatest creative strength is the ability to select poignant stories and craft them into well balanced narratives that encourage people to intimately relate to and internalise even the most complex of subject matter. 


Aug. 2017 - current

Completed the graduate Media Convergence Diploma course in journalism at St. Clair College, Windsor, Ont.

Obtained a 4.0 GPA throughout and was awarded with three "best student" awards.

Seeking opportunity to form part of a creative agency's production team with a focus on managing and producing projects from inception to product delivery. 

Work experience 

ESL Teacher

2016 - 2017

In June 2016 I started teaching English as a foreign language at a private school in South Korea along with my wife. It was a necessary stepping stone to save up and embark on further studies.

Output: English instruction to all age groups focusing on phonetics, advanced grammar, business communication and presentation skills.

E.Bo-Young Talking Club. Chungju, Cheongchungbukdo, South Korea. Tel: +27 010 4803 7540

Insert director and DoP

2012 - 2016

Expresso is a lifestyle breakfast show on the National Broadcaster in South Africa. I’ve directed over 700 insert segments for Expresso, Doctor’s Orders, Pasella, Top Billing and Presenter Search that are shows on the same television network. The genres include TVC’s, music videos, cooking, DIY, technology, travel, event coverage and live studio interviews.

As director and DOP I was responsible in assisting the producer in interpreting the client briefs, setting up story boards, to coordinate and direct the production team and liaise with the editor and producer during post-production. 

Production Company: Cardova Trading. 187 Main Road, Sea Point, Cape Town, 8001. Tel: +27 021 430 9700. 

Firestorm Productions

2008 - 2011

I co-produced, directed and edited two television series for the South African Cable Network (DSTV).

Die Vegas Show is a quirky rock and roll documentary that depicts the life of a social butterfly, Rufio Vegas as he traverses through the music landscape in Cape Town, South Africa. Seven Episodes were produced and aired.  

Kyk’nBiekie (Look-a-Little) is a reality/lifestyle program commissioned by Sony Music South Africa. This thirteen episode series follows the duet “Hulle” (‘Them’) during the recording of their first Studio Album.

Firestorm Productions was a boutique production studio that produced, filmed and packaged high quality video. The company also further extended its portfolio to include digital marketing and above the line publicity for its larger clients. 

Our studio further produced a number of music videos, devotional videos, activist media as well as a seven part comedy web series. 

University of Stellenbosch

I was Head Lecturer in Physical Theatre and Movement at the University of Stellenbosch responsible for setting up and executing the practical as well as theoretical components of the courses for first, second and third year students. 

Freelance Theatre Practitioner

I have always been a passionate theatre practitioner. I have created,played and directed 52 full-length theatre productions. Although physical theatre and mime have always been the discipline in which I excelled, throughout my professional drama career I predominantly produced script based dramatic works.

I have produced works within an extremely wide range of performance genrés including performance art and multi-media installations.  

During this time I found and managed two theatre companies, Makendast Theatre Ensemble and Kysmetmy, and produced and toured several works across South Africa and internationally. 

Vintage Asian
Mid Eastern Model
Delectible Treats
Women of Kayelitcha
Marqaux Timeless Wardrobe
Bernard de Vaal
Purple Cloud


St. Clair College
Windsor, Ont.
I obtained a graduate diploma in the Media Convergence journalism program with academic distinction. Focus fell on newsroom management, PAK reporting and video and radio production and presentation.  
Rhodes University


Grahamstown, South Africa

I obtained a B.Drama Honors Degree with Theatre Studies, Directing, Acting, Physical Theatre and Mime as my majors.

Stellenbosch University


Stellenbosch, South Africa

I obtained a B.Drama and Media Degree with Theatre and Media Studies, Theatre Arts and Theatre Production as my majors with Philosophy as my minor.

I was awarded the prize for the best Theatre Arts Student, Best Theatre Production Student and Best Final Year Student at the completion of my three year course. 

ICM School of Business


Pittsburgh, PA.,USA

I obtained an Associates diploma in Travel and Tourism from ICM Business School

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Cape Town, South Africa


Business Acumen for Artists from UCT Graduate School of Business 2009

Advanced Camera and Lighting from City Varsity, Cape Town 2015


- Empire and agenda news gathering

- Newsroom management

- Canadian Press style writing

- Social platform product convergence

- Comprehensive research methodology

- Compiling reports,briefs and scripts

- Client interfacing and liaising

- Interpret and storyboard scripts and briefs

- Miss-en-scene design

- ​Manage, coordinate and direct production teams

- Manage digital assets

- Coordinate post production workflows

- Manage production budgets

- Extended knowledge of lights, rigs and camera equipment

- Sound and video recording.

- Off-line edit with titles and color correction.

- Social media campaign set-up, deployment and management.

- Teaching and delivering lectures on various humanity and arts topics.

- Advanced group collaboration workshops.

- Team building and trust exercises.

Something interesting
Camera equipment

- Red One, ARRI Alexa XT, Canon 5D Mark II and III, Sony FX 300 and 100, Sony PXW x180 and 160, Sony PMW-EX, Panasonic AVCHD, GoPro, Drift Ghost.

Lighting equipment

- Redheads, Kino Flo’s, LED’s as well as HMI lights with ballast. Various rigs including dollies, jibs and car mounts 

Sound equipment

- Sennheiser Radio mics, RE50 handheld and Roland rifle mics 


Final Cut Pro 7/10 (Complete Suite)

Adobe After Effects CS3/6

Adobe Photoshop CS3/6

Macintosh Operating System

Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point

Mailchimp, Google Analytics and Adwords

I have written 3 full-length feature films

I have appeared in 32 national and international television adverts.

I have written and recorded a full length album called “Saggies Naggies”

I belonged to a Poetry Happening group called Porselynnkas of which there is a documentary

I have written 7 of my own poetry books published under “Porselynnkas Uitgewers”

I obtained provincial colours in swimming, water polo and life-saving whilst at school

I was awarded every award at the end of my third year drama course (1999) at the University ofStellenbosch, both theoretical and practical

I was a DJ at Radio Houtstok for 4 months until we realised the owner was actually really a crook and Carte Blanché (investigative journal show) did an exposé on him.

I did the 6 month “Acumen for Artist” course at UCT Post Grad Business School and scored top marks

I wrote/edited/acted in a commercial I created for a South African Brandy called Brannas- “Thicker than Water”.

I met Trent Reznor at a house party whilst I busked in Seattle in 1996. He taught me how to play “Where is my mind” from the Pixies on guitar. 


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